About Me

About Me

My name is Keagan Peterson and I am involved and somewhat well-versed in a few different technologies.

Most of the time, I just do what happens to interest me at the moment, but below are some of the things I am consistent with.

Embedded Devices Programming. I know C/C++ and mainly use that knowledge for the RPi Pico and the TI84+ CE. C is the first language that really propelled me into the programming sector, and the first language that I seriously set my mind to learn. I also dabble around with OpenGL, and I am familiar with a little bit of PIO, ARM, and ez80 assembly, but only to a minimal extent.

3D Design and CAD. I've always been intrigued by 3D rendering, it has always fascinated me. I own the humble "Ender 3 Pro", and while I'm not nearly close to being the best at CAD and design, I usually use whatever knowledge I do have to create objects that are of use to me or a current project.

Python Scripting. Python 3 is my best language, with C following directly behind. Over the last year, I've written some web crawlers, some GUIs, and numerous other projects. I started learning Python 2 in 6th grade, and though I've kept with it pretty much since then, my proudest projects are mostly recent.

IT and Server Management. Ever since a young age, I've had an inclination of being able to fix things. Especially dealing with computers. I'm able to troubleshoot issues and fix them (sometimes with the help of Google) and get things running properly. I have much experience with Linux, specifically the Debing/Ubuntu based distrobutions, and am able to manage privileged or administrative tasks.