Welcome! My Name is Keagan Peterson.

I'm a recreational embedded devices programmer, and do some 3D design/printing. I'm very fluent in Python and C/C++, with a small hint of cybersecurity and Android jailbreaking. I'm always interested in new ideas and tech!


My Story

My name is Keagan Peterson and I am a high school student based in Tennessee, US.

I've been tech-inclined since a very young age, and have been involved in a small number of open-source projects, as well as developing some personal projects for fun.

A Little More About Me

I bought a 3D printer and learned how to use the software at the age of 12, and started creating custom designs at 13 using Fusion360.

I officially started written programming at 11, learning Python 2, however I've used Scratch at even younger ages, and have always been tech inclined for as long as I can remember.


3D design—Embedded devices—Soldering & rework

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Voxel engine for the TI84+ CE

This is a demonstration of a psuedo-3D field written by me, entirely from scratch in C. This is currently very much in progress, but it will soon be implemented to run games such as Temple Run.


Pypush is a iMessage reverse engineering proof-of-concept (not written by me) that is able to send and recieve messages and link phone numbers to an iCloud account. This is being rolled out as the Beeper backend instead of their previous server setup, and will soon be used by BlueBubbles as well.